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Luncheon Keynote Speaker Dr. Isabel presents “Finding Balance in the Life of a Super Woman”

Sponsored by: Amor 107.5FM, LaKalle 98.3, Radio Mambi 710AM, WQBA1140AM 
Dr. Isabel Gomez-Bassols or “Doctora Isabel” as she is known to her radio listening audience is a renowned psychologist, educator and domestic-violence specialist with over three decades of experience in family and adolescent counseling, and is part of the line-up of RadioCadena Univison, Univision Radio’s AM Network. It is because of Dr. Isabel’s warmth and wisdom elicits an average of 8,000 phone calls per day from listeners seeking her “from-the-heart professional guidance” on topics from parenting and education to marital relations and human sexuality.

This mother of four and grandmother of six began with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Miami and then went on to earn her Masters in Counseling and Psychology from Florida International University. Dr. Isabel then received a Doctorate degree in Education specializing in Early, Middle and Adolescent Behavior from Nova Southeastern University. In addition, she completed her specialty training in a variety of areas, including sexual intimacy disorders, at the Masters & Johnson Institute; domestic-violence, through The National Coalition against Violence; and family grief and loss from Chloe Madanes.

Working both in private practice and as a psychologist for the Miami-Dade County Public School System, Dr. Isabel has developed and implemented the model aggression control program for the Miami Dade Public School System. Through her extensive work and effective approach in counseling she has become Chair of the Psychological Services Department for Alternative Education.

Dr. Isabel’s has also become a prolific author of relevant and insightful, self-help books such as; “Los 7 Pasos para el Exito en la Vida” (“7 Steps for Success in Life”) and “Los 7 Pasos para el Exito en el Amor” (“Seven Steps for Success in Love”). In 2001, she released a best-selling parenting guide “¿Donde Estan Las Instruciones Para Criar A Los Hijos?” (Where are The Instructions for Raising Our Kids?). All of these books have appeared on the national best-sellers list.

With the many demands women face juggling a career, family and personal responsibilities, it’s great to know that Doctora Isabel is just a phone call away!

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