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Doctora Isabel wins Radio INK’s Most Influential Woman in Radio award for 3rd year in a row

Dr. Isabel Gomez-Bassols came into radio by chance, after working in education for 28 years, and she’s now a big star in the Hispanic radio community. Her advice to others: “You must put in the effort to be relevant in the society we live in now, to embrace the fact that we are now more than a voice on the radio, but connected through the Internet arena, and constantly in social media pages (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Posting information, articles promoting social justice and a greater understanding, or simple messages to inspire or motivate, including facets of your life as a citizen in the world we live in. Social media is an important distribution platform and add-on for the radio to keep listeners engaged.”

She goes on, “We have seen this development not just for radio but also for TV programming. There will be a need to develop a certain media personality, always remembering social media, to be fun, thoughtful, sometimes controversial, see what you get, and decide which way to go.”

On social media, Gomez-Bassols advises, “As in radio, have a routine, plan, and when you contribute, be visible and constant. Analyze what resonates with people by reviewing your likes on social media pages. It helps to see what are the peaks and valleys of your input. That can even help you to plan for the radio program and be maintain relevance. Be visible, visit the communities you serve — that sense of family that occurs so often with radio, it’s enhanced when you visit them.”

– @DraIsabel

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